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Broadcast Message System

The preferred method for sending broadcast messages is via the web application at When you login and click New Message you will be presented with a list of the broadcast lists available to you. You can select as many as appropriate to reach your intended audience. Each list has a ? to the right of the name; clicking that will provide a brief description of the list.

You can also send to these lists via email. Sending by email is necessary if you wish to send an attachment (though attachments are not recommended). Within a few minutes after sending your message, you will receive a message asking you to confirm that you sent the message. This is to prevent inappropriate and malicious messages from getting through. You must confirm your message for it to be sent. If you wish to avoid the confirmation messages, use the web application.

When an email message is sent to a broadcast list and the size of the message exceeds 1MB, it will be rejected. There are ways you can reduce the size of the message, such as by using PDFs as attachments. PDF are more universally view able than application documents such as Word or Excel. Also, if the content of any document that is converted to PDF includes an embedded photo, reducing the size of the photo with a tool like Microsoft Office Photo Manager will go a long way toward reducing the size of the file. Pictures sized to 800 x 600 pixels or less are more than adequate for documents being exchanged in email.

Choose your audience carefully. Consider especially that everyone and all-students will reach an extremely diverse range of people including, for example, distance education students who may be far removed from campus. In general, it is best to select the list that most specifically target those to whom the message will be most relevant. If you believe your message needs to reach a large number of people and is not urgent, consider use of a web resource that is not email.

NOTE: After sending a broadcast message you will need to allow at least 15 minutes before you are likely to see your copy of the message arrive in your inbox. Depending on the load of the mail server and the number of names in the broadcast list it could take even longer. Do not resend the message just because you have not seen your copy. Contact the Helpdesk if you suspect there may be a problem. Sending the message again will likely result in two messages going to all the addresses on the broadcast list.

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