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Two situations may result in a student receiving a refund of payments made for institutional charges (tuition and room and meal plans):

  1. Changing enrollment to fewer credit hours, or
  2. Withdrawing from the university.

Similarly, these two situations may require the return of funds (refunds) of student financial aid to various financial aid programs. Whether or not a student receives an actual cash refund will depend on financial aid adjustments and other miscellaneous charges the student may have on his or her account.

Changing Enrollment to Fewer Credit Hours

Procedure: Students who wish to drop a class shall obtain a drop/add form from the Registrar’s Office. The date the student completes the process and signs the form is the date used in calculating adjustments for tuition and other charges.

Adjustments for Tuition Charges

Tuition charges are adjusted downward using a two-step process. First the difference between the new per credit hour charge and the original higher charge is calculated. This difference is then multiplied by the percentage of the enrollment period not yet completed. The Adjustment and Refund Chart at the end of this section is used for determining percentage not completed.  Please note activity fees are not refunded. 

Adjustment for Room and Meal Plan

The Adjustment and Refund Chart outlined at the end of this section determines the adjustment to room and meal charges. The room and meal adjustment percentage may be different than the tuition adjustment percentage depending on the actual days the student remained in a residence hall. (Note: students must be enrolled full time in order to reside in a residence hall).

Adjustments to Financial Aid Awards

Most grants and scholarships require full-time enrollment. Most loans require at least half-time enrollment. Students should consult the Financial Assistance Office to determine what adjustments will be required by change in enrollment status. No adjustments are made after the 9th week of classes or after the date a student may withdraw from a class and receive a “W” grade, whichever is later.

Withdrawing from the University, including Medical Leave or Administrative Withdrawal

Undergraduate students who intend to withdraw from Eastern Mennonite University shall schedule a meeting with the Director of Retention (Campus Center, 321) who determines the official withdrawal date.  It shall be no later than the date the student meets with the Director of Retention, but may be earlier. The official withdrawal date is based on class attendance dates and other extenuating circumstances. A student who withdraws during the semester must complete an application for readmission prior to re-enrollment.

For all types of withdrawals or leaves, refunds (if applicable) will be finalized by the business office according to written protocols in consultation with the financial aid office after the withdrawal or leave form has been completed and submitted to the business office. Students are generally required to check out of the residence hall within 24 hours of completing the withdrawal process or may be required to leave sooner in the case of an administrative withdrawal. Stays beyond the 24 hours after withdrawal (due to extenuating circumstances) must be approved by the Director of Residence Life. At the time of withdrawal or leave, their ID will be deactivated and they will no longer have card access to residence or dining halls. 

Medical Leave

Medical Leave may be available for undergraduate students who, due to a documented serious physical or psychological condition, need to leave Eastern Mennonite University during the semester without completing their coursework or for students who cannot return to EMU due to a serious physical or psychological condition. A student requesting medical leave must meet with the Director of Retention (if possible) and complete the required forms, including documentation from a physician, licensed care provider or other qualified caregiver under licensed supervision. A decision approving or disapproving the medical leave request will be made by the Director of Retention, in consultation with the Pulse committee and the director of health services. Full details of the medical leave policy may be obtained in the Provost’s office or from the Director of Retention. 

Students on medical leave may need to apply for readmission through the Admissions Office, which will contact the Director of Retention for approval of fitness to return to campus. There is no fee for the readmission application. It does not require a student to re-send any admissions documentation, unless they have attended another institution during their time away from EMU.

Medically Excused Status

Students may request a medically excused status if they are medically unable to complete the final forty percent of a semester in one or more, but not all, of their courses. Students may or may not intend to return to the University at the beginning of the following semester. A request is initiated in the same manner as described for a medical leave.  A student approved for medically excused status need not request permission to return to the University for the following semester unless conditions for returning were stipulated by the University at the time of departure.

Administrative Withdrawal

If a student has not attended a course/ courses on a regular basis (has multiple absences over a period of at least two weeks) and has not responded to efforts by the instructor or other EMU personnel to address the absences, the university registrar may administratively withdraw the student from the course(s.) The Primary Designated School Official will be consulted regarding the potential withdrawal of an international student. Any decision to withdraw a student will be referenced with the Director of Retention, Assistant Dean, and/or graduate program director and made in consultation with the instructor of the course(s) involved. The withdrawal date will reflect the final date the student attended the course(s) according to instructor’s records.

Adjustments for Tuition, Room & Board Charges

Students who withdraw, drop out, are dismissed, or otherwise cease enrollment prior to completing 60% of the semester or mini-term equivalent shall receive a refund equal to the percentage of the term remaining for courses not completed but registered for at the start of the semester.  Completed courses are charged in full at the per credit price in effect for the term. Students who withdraw prior to the first day of classes shall receive a full refund of all payments except tuition deposits.

Students with Title IV federal aid, who withdraw before the 60% midpoint of the semester, will have their federal aid recalculated according to the Federal Return of Title IV Aid policy. Students may be eligible to receive some of the federal aid based upon the percentage of the term completed.  Eastern Mennonite University may be required to return Federal Funds, and if so they will be returned in the following order: Unsubsidized FDSL, Subsidized FDSL, Perkins Loan, FDSL PLUS Loan, Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, TEACH Grant, Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant. In some cases, students may owe the University a balance due as a result of the returned federal aid.

Please see the institutional withdrawal and financial aid refund policy document for more information.

Note:  The above schedule does not apply to Summer term and adult completion programs, including RN to BS in Nursing and Leadership and Organizational Management programs.  Prorated tuition adjustments are made for withdrawals based on the official withdrawal date as compared to the enrollment period of each class. Completed courses are charged in full at the per credit price in effect for the term.

Adjustment and Refund Percentages (Chart) for 2019-2020

Time Period

Fall Semester

Spring Semester


1st week

Aug 28 - Sept 3

Jan 9 -15


2nd week

Sept 4 - 10

Jan 16 - 22


3rd week

Sept 11-17

Jan 23 - 29


4th week

Sept 18-24

Jan 30 - Feb 5


5th week

Sept 25 - Oct 1

Feb 6 - 12


6th week

Oct 2-8

Feb 13 - 19


7th week

Oct 9-15

Feb 20-26


8th week

Oct 16-24**

Feb 27 - Mar 12**


9th week

Oct 25-31

Mar 13- 19


After the 9th week

Nov 1 and later

Mar 20 and later


**period includes midterm break

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