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  1. Building & classroom rules

    Animal policy By EMU policy,“Except for service animals, no animals are permitted in university buildings or facilities.” Allergies We want to provide a welcoming environment that does not trigger allergic reactions. Please refrain from wearing any perfume, cologne, scented lotions or scented deodorant while attendi
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  2. Classroom Technology - Martin Store (MS)

    MS205 - Zoom room Conference room Lite System Extron controls Zoom room Windows lab computer 70" TV HDMI and VGA laptop hookup DVD/Blu-ray player Station Side.jpg Front.jpg Back.jpg
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  3. Classroom Technology Terminology

    Full System - includes a control system, LCD monitor, lab computer, wireless mouse, keyboard, wired mouse, DVD/Blu-Ray player, laptop hookup, wall mounted speakers, and other accessories depending on the room. Full system video: Lite System - i
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  5. Personal Devices

    .  A list of local businesses that provide tech support can be found at: Harrisonburg Tech Support Service Attributes Service Category End-Point
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  6. Course Descriptions- MBA

    of field trips, classroom and online discussion, and case studies focusing on systems approaches to stewardship, innovation, and social entrepreneurship … them to become more effective organizational leaders; increasing theoretical and practical understanding of the sources of socio-tech innovation; co-designing
    Graduate CatalogJul 22, 2019
  7. Leadership and Organizational Management

    and leadership principles are in demand throughout the air transport industry. EMU at Lancaster contracts with Aero-Tech Services, Inc., an FAA-approved Part 141 Pilot School, to provide ground and pilot training.  Flight training occurs at the Aero-Tech facility at Lancaster Airport in Lititz, PA.  This partnership
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  9. Service Level Agreement

    a ticket or find self-help. Leave a message for the Tech on Call (4541). This will create a ticket and send a message to the tech. Issues will be prioritized
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  10. student-handbooks-2018-19.pdf

    individual students needing reasonable accommodations in the classroom due to documented needs. The faculty and staff also foster the development and use … Meetings 30/40 Martin Chapel Seminary SB215 Multi-purpose 145 Room 106 Science Center SSC106 Multi-purpose w/stage 272 Classrooms Science Center Available when
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