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  1. Classroom Technology - Esther K Augsburger Art Center (AC)

    AC100 Classroom Full system Extron controls Windows lab computer Standard projector DVD/VCR player VGA laptop hookup Document camera Station.jpg Front (1).jpg Back (1).jpg AC102 - Digital Media Lab Department classroom lab HDMI and VGA laptop hookup Used by VACA IMG_0606
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  2. Classroom View.jpg

  3. Classroom Technology Terminology

    Full System - includes a control system, LCD monitor, lab computer, wireless mouse, keyboard, wired mouse, DVD/Blu-Ray player, laptop hookup, wall mounted speakers, and other accessories depending on the room. Full system video: Lite System - i
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  4. Building & classroom rules

    Animal policy By EMU policy,“Except for service animals, no animals are permitted in university buildings or facilities.” Allergies We want to provide a welcoming environment that does not trigger allergic reactions. Please refrain from wearing any perfume, cologne, scented lotions or scented deodorant while attendi
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  5. Classroom Technology - Martin Store (MS)

    MS205 - Zoom room Conference room Lite System Extron controls Zoom room Windows lab computer 70" TV HDMI and VGA laptop hookup DVD/Blu-ray player Station Side.jpg Front.jpg Back.jpg
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  6. ED 252 Learning and Classroom Environments Professional Field Experience (6-12) (1 SH)

    A 40-hour professional field experience that focuses on observations and participatory experiences in grades 6-12. Grading is on a pass/fail basis. Corequisite: ED 245. Core: CL cl
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  7. Spanish Language and Hispanic Studies Major, PreK-12 Teaching Endorsement

    or better.) ED 101 Exploring Teaching - 2 ED 101 Exploring Teaching (2 SH) ED 245 Learning and Classroom Environments - 3 ED 245 Learning and Classroom Environments (3 SH) ED 252 Learning and Classroom Environments Professional Field Experience - 1 ED 252 Learning and Classroom Environments Professional Field
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  8. Campus and Facilities

    offices, classrooms, faculty offices, and post office. This building replaces the former administration building which was destroyed by fire January 17, 1984. Completed in 1968, the Daniel B. Suter Science Center houses classrooms and laboratories as well as the planetarium, museum, greenhouse, and Conviron plant
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  9. EMU Credit Hour Calculations.pdf

    EMU Credit Hour, Instructional Time and Student Out-of-class Engagement Time Requirements Main Campus Assumptions 750 2 2.5 3 *Note that classroom time includes final examinations. Table 1. Main Campus Minutes Required Per Semester Hour/Credit Hour Granted Semester Hours of Course Classroom Instruction Out-of-class
  10. Personal Devices

    of local businesses that provide tech support can be found at: Harrisonburg Tech Support Service Category End-Point Computing Service Name Personal Devices
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