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  1. Hardware

    441 Desktops 229 Desktops in classrooms and labs 179 Laptops Total of 849 Windows computers owned by EMU 56 Desktops in classrooms and labs 84 Desktops 64 Laptops Total of 204 Mac computers owned by EMU 20 Chromebooks for classroom use 85 Chrome Devices Total of 105 Chrome devices owned by EMU 424
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  2. Applied Social Sciences Course Descriptions

    101 or SOC 201 (SOC 225) *PXD 261 Community & Conflict Analysis Tech (3 SH) In order to promote sustainable change, it is important to understand the context … Experience in Sociology (3 SH) Experience in the practice of sociological analysis or social research outside the classroom. Corequisite or Prerequisite: SOC 392. SOC
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  3. Technology

    Information Systems Technology Fee 2019-20 2020-21 Standard Term Program Tech Fee $ 75.00 per term , per student $ 75.00 per term , per student Online, specialized programs or non-standard term varies Refunds will be assessed at same rate as the corresponding tuition refunds
    EMU HandbookMar 31, 2020
  4. PAX 585 - PXD 485 Global Development.pdf

    in people’s lives and communities (see the appendix for a description of a Trauma-Informed Classroom Care Model). If you find yourself struggling with your … in the classroom. But rather to say that the dominant “banking” (vs. “conscientization”) method of “I lecture, you listen” is not what I am aiming for. Yes, I will lecture
  5. Expectations for the Cooperating Teacher

    Having a student teacher can strengthen classroom learning. Since two heads can be better than one, two teachers planning and teaching together will benefit students in significant ways. Recent research indicates that in today's classroom pupils benefit significantly when co-teaching becomes a significant dimension
    EMU HandbookAug 28, 2019
  6. Secondary Education (6-12)

    and supporting courses required are as follows: ED 101 Exploring Teaching - 2 ED 101 Exploring Teaching (2 SH) ED 245 Learning and Classroom Environments - 3 ED 245 Learning and Classroom Environments (3 SH) ED 252 Learning and Classroom Environments PFE - 1 ED 252 Learning and Classroom Environments Professional Field
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  7. Consulting

    is offered for faculty who want to discuss classroom technology. Service Category Teaching & Learning Service Name Consulting Audience Faculty, Staff … with this service consulting classroom technology
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  8. Course Descriptions- Graduate Teacher Education

    will learn how to become meaningful change agents in classrooms and educational settings. EDCC 521 Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (3 SH)  Explores … approaches that integrate peace curricula for individual classroom settings and within specific schools. The goal is to nurture peaceful, just and caring
    Graduate CatalogJul 09, 2019
  9. Selected References for Student Teaching

    ) Educating everybody's children: Diverse teaching strategies for diverse learners. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. Cooper, J. M. (2003). Classroom teaching skills (7th ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Dalton, J., & Watson, M. (1997). Among friends: Classrooms where caring and learning prevail. Oakland, CA: Developmental Studies
    EMU HandbookAug 12, 2019
  10. Education Course Descriptions

    or corequisite: ED 101. (3 SH content; 1 SH practicum) ED 245 Learning and Classroom Environments (3 SH) Focuses on the development of classroom environments … , interventions, and the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development of learners. ED 252 Learning & Classroom Environments PFE 6-12 (1 SH) A 40-hour
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